Metal roofs seldom wear out, they are lost due to lack of maintenance. Temperature changes loosen components and weather erodes the original, thin protective finish which results in leaks and surface rust. Atlantic Roof Restoration LLC offers alternative solutions which include:

Reflective Coatings

Liquid applied, 100 % rubber system that corrects and saves unnecessary replacement expense.


A comprehensive system that seals and locks in every fastener beneath a seamless rubber membrane adapting to any shape and can be applied in all climate conditions.

Built up Roofing

A new reinforced system for repair and coating that provides a durable maintenance procedure. Performance relies more upon the integrity of the existing roof as it reinforces known critical areas and replaces lost, weathered components.

Insurance Claims:

We will work directly with your insurance company providing the necessary information to facilitate your claim to repair or replace your roof.

Atlantic Roof Restoration LLC understands that roof replacement is disruptive, costly and often completely unnecessary. Our metal roof restoration and maintenance procedures are non-invasive, economical and will add years to the life of your existing roof.