Atlantic Roof Restoration LLC provides a compressive approach to many other aspects of your home or business for repair or replacement needs.

These services include:

  • pics 2739Siding – a wide range of siding types including cement board, clapboard, cedar shingle, vinyl, metal and
  • Windows /doors – various makes
  • Decks – pressure treated, IPE , Brazilian , Hardwoods , Cedar Cypress , Composite Material
  • Gutters – Custom made, Aluminum , Wood and Fiberglass
  • Annual Maintenance / Service contract
  • Priority Services for Roof Emergencies
  • Chimney and Masonry Services
  • pics 2285Insurance Claims – If your roof has been damaged due to fire, storm, or flood we will provide an expert
    Claim Report , working directly with your insurance company to provide the necessary information to facilitate your claim to repair or replace the damage

Atlantic Roof Restoration LLC prides itself in unmatched quality, high efficiency, innovative solutions and a dedicated team that is here to meet your needs.