Limited Workmanship Warranty

In addition to any warranty issued to the Purchaser directly from the manufacturer for the products used in the installation, Atlantic Roof Restoration, LLC., upon notice from the Purchaser, will correct problems related to the workmanship or application of the products that occur during the first 10 years of service at no additional cost to the Purchaser.

The 10 year Limited Workmanship Warranty is effective from the date of completion.

Exclusions:  The Warranty described above does not cover acts of God, deliberate damage and/or damage caused by vandalism or removal and/or alteration of the products or materials by the Purchaser or a party other than Atlantic Roof Restoration, LLC. even in the event such action is authorized by the Purchaser.  In the event that the Purchaser, by themselves or through another party, performs work which causes the removal and/or alteration of the products or materials during the applicable Warranty period, this Workmanship Warranty shall be void and all claims pursuant to it shall be forfeited.